Holsnøy field trip 27.06.2017 – logistics

We would like to welcome you to the next SWaMMIS field trip on 27 June 2017!

You can find some background on the Holsnøy field area and our field trip leader Håkon Austrheim here.


Meeting time: 8:15 in front of Realfagsbygget.

Driving to Holsnøy takes about half an hour. Please bring your own lunch – once we are further out on the small and winding roads of Holsnøy, we cannot double back to reach grocery stores or restaurants. The weather forecast looks incredibly good, so make sure to bring sunscreen. But as the locals know, the weather forecast can’t always be trusted, so also have a rain/windproof jacket. Also, do wear waterproof shoes (maybe also gaitors), as the ground could be very wet after this weekend’s rain showers.

As for geological tools, magnifying glasses will be handy. A hammer is not required – the spectacular outcrops should rather be preserved, and we will bring 2 to 3 hammers for the whole group, which should be sufficient in case we come across something interesting.

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