Read a bit about the our Holsnøy field area and its special geology.

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  • Venter på det store skjelvet, Mats Myredal, 02.09.2018. link (for subscribers only) or pdf

  • Geopartnerdagen, 08.02,2018, Where do dehydration-derived fluids migrate in subduction zones? (F. Halpaap, S. Rondenay, L. Ottemöller, A. Perrin, S. Goes)
  • Paragrafer om å flytte fjell, Ellen Viste, Friluftsliv nr. 5, 11.10.2017. article
  • Geofysisk Feltpraktikum i Nygårdsparken, Sandsli videregående skole, 08.09.2017 (F. Halpaap)
  • Jordkjelv i Norge og Verden, Møllebakken skole geography class visit to Earth Science Department, UiB, 10.03.2017 (F. Halpaap)
  • Geopartnerdagen, 16.02,2017, Slab Seismicity in the Western Hellenic Subduction Zone: Constraints from Tomography and Double-Difference Relocation (F. Halpaap, S. Rondenay, L. Ottemöller)
  • Jordskjelv og Jordens Struktur, Sandsli videregående skole, 27.01.2017 (F. Halpaap)
  • Geo-Olympics team training, 24.05.2015 (S. Rondenay)
  • Resources for Computational Geophysics Courses, Eos Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 95(37), 335-336, 2014 (H. Keers, S. Rondenay, Y. Harlap)
SWaMMIS PhD student Felix Halpaap examines the screens in the hallway of the Earth Science Department at UiB that show current earthquake activity in Norway. Photo: Arne Ristesund, Bergensavisen

Subduction zone Water and Metamorphism: a Modelling and Imaging Study