Project SWaMMIS aims to establish a fully integrated link between high-resolution seismic images and numerical models of subduction zones to better understand the role of water and metamorphism in the generation of intraslab earthquakes. This research endeavour will aid in understanding the triggering mechanisms of damaging subduction earthquakes. SWaMMIs brings a comprehensive depth of expertise in seismology, geodynamics and petrology to the problem. We employ an innovative multidisciplinary approach that combines state-of-the-art seismic imaging technology, novel modelling tools, and important observational constraints from high-pressure Norwegian rocks.

SWaMMIS (2014-2018) is coordinated by the Department of Earth Science at the University of Bergen. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway under the FRIPRO Mathematics, Physical Science and Technology (FRINATEK) Independent Projects scheme.

Subduction zone Water and Metamorphism: a Modelling and Imaging Study