Kick-off meeting

11-12 November 2014
Bergen, Norway

Håkon Austrheim, UiO
Chin-Wu Chen, National Taiwan University
Saskia Goes, Imperial College London
Felix Halpaap, UiB
Ritske Huismans, UiB
Henk Keers, UiB
Lars Ottemöller, UiB
Stéphane Rondenay, UiB
Kathrin Spieker, UiB
Ping Tong, University of Toronto

Tuesday 11 November (Realfagbygget 2134)
12:15 Lunch at Realfagbygget
– Stéphane: Introduction to SWaMMIS, objectives, research components, synergy, etc.
– Håkon: Petrological constraints on intraslab earthquakes
– Ritske: geodynamic modelling of subduction zones
– Saskia: converting thermo-chemical models into seismic properties
19:30 Dinner at Restaurant 1877

Wednesday 12 November (Realfagbygget 2134)
– Chin-Wu: Seismic imaging of subduction zones
– Lars: Earthquake location in subduction zones
12:00 Lunch at Hanne på Høyden
– Henk: Seismic waveform modelling and inversion
– Ping: Waveform modelling and inversion of receiver functions
– wrap-up by 16:00